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Parent and Child Classes for 1-2-3 year olds 

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We have parent/child classes for very young children (although they might be better named family/child classes as we have lots of amazing grandparents that attend with their grandchildren!). Our 1-2s class is for children that turn 1 year old on or before September 1st and our 2-3's class is for children that turn 2 on or before September 1st. They are both parent/toddler classes, meaning that each week, parents attend class with their child and the teacher(s) in the class.

Our Parent/toddler program is a vitally important part of our school.  Ideally, children and parents will start in the toddler program and then move to the preschool classes. This gives parents and children a strong and supportive school community where they can spend their early childhood years.

1-2's Classes - 2024-2025

Wednesdays- 9:40-11:10

Children must be 1 year old by September 1, 2024

9 families in a class

Tuition is a yearly fee broken into 9 monthly payments: 

     $65/m for one day a week

2-3's Classes - 2024-2025

Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Thursdays- 9:40-11:10

Children must be 2 years old by September 1, 2024

9 families in a class

Tuition is a yearly fee broken into 9 monthly payments: 

     $65/m for one day a week

     $125/m for two days a week


Below are our typical school year goals

Goals of the Parent/Child Classes:

The program is set up to allow children to be in a school environment, to begin to feel comfortable and safe and to understand the basic routine at school. Children are given the opportunity to explore their surroundings and make their own choices about where to go, who to be with and what to do. There is no rush to be bigger - the focus is on exploration, discovery and creating a trusting environment for a child's first school experience. We believe that this opportunity creates a rich early school experience for very young children and sets the stage for a successful transition into the more independent years of preschool.

Children gain confidence when they are able to try new things without judgement or time constraints.  We encourage parents to enjoy this time with their child and not worry about what your toddler 'should' be doing but instead to be able to observe what they are doing and how they are doing it.  Every child's experience and adjustment looks and feels differently. We embrace diversity and respect each child's approach to being a part of this new community. This is a year of discovery for the child and as such parents are encouraged to let their child take the lead. It is an amazing opportunity for parents to watch their child in a school setting, see what and who they are drawn to, how they choose to spend their time - to see the child and all the children as learners. 


Teacher create a classroom that helps children gain confidence and trust in an environment that is 'theirs.' They know that when they come in 80% of what is there is always there. About 20% of it is new each week - new materials to mark with, experiment with, feel, or try. It is an environment that both encourages children to take risks and try something new and feel comfortable that there is predictability and safety in a place they own.

Child’s Adjustment
At the beginning of school, children might feel shy with the group and wish to stay close to their parent. Or, they might run head long into school without a lot of awareness of other people. We encourage parents to be patient, to watch their child's reactions.  Many children prefer to watch what goes on at first while others might be a little aggressive about the toys and materials they want to play with.  We will all support your child's adjustment to school and a learning community together. This is your time to enjoy your child and their interests.  Our teacher's roles are to prepare a rich environment based on the children and to observe and accompany you in playing with your child.  We will be interacting more with your child as the school year progresses and when they seem more comfortable.

We understand that social play is both new and can be a challenge for toddlers. The environment is set up with this in mind - to allow children to play near other children at first (parallel play) so they might become comfortable with new peers and begin to make new connections. Children also see other adults in the classroom; see other parents playing with their own children. This kind of supporting environment creates the trust, respect and values that we believe is important to carry with them to their preschool classes.

Parent Adjustment

The beginning of school is also an adjustment for parents. It is hard not to know what and how your child is doing. A parent/child class allows parents and children to ease into school together. It allows parents to know how their child adjusts to new social settings and understand what their child is drawn to in a classroom setting.

This environment also allows parents to meet other parents with children the same age. Knowing other people going through this stage of development, and talking about parenting strategies is invaluable! We hear all the time, from legacy families that they are still connected to many of the families they met at The Cooperative Preschool.

Being in a classroom with an experienced teacher is another great aspect of a parent/toddler class. It is always interesting to hear and watch other people interact with your child and to have someone with experience with young children to bounce ideas and experiences off of.  

We at The Cooperative Preschool encourage parents to show their own children special attention when they are at school. Forming a relationship with your child's teacher will be important as they get older and attend elementary school as well, and we allow for this first relationship to be close establishing trust and mutual respect between family, child and teacher.

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