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The Cooperative Concept

The Cooperative Preschool is run and maintained by parents and has been since its inception. ​

A Cooperative means active shared involvement and responsibility in the school. Parents run our school, they plan community events, support the teachers, keep it clean, maintained, and financially solvent. They support marketing and communication and parent education - and hundreds of parents have assured that The Cooperative Preschool is one of the highest quality schools in the valley for over 40 years. They also laugh, struggle, problem solve and move through these years, parenting young children together.


Parents and staff standing by a semi truck

As members of The Cooperative Preschool, all parents are responsible for:

  • Helping in the classroom 1- 2 times each month with one other parent which involves bringing snack, preparing space, cleaning-up at the end of the day.

  • Weekend cleaning 1-2 times each year

  • Either working on the Board of Directors or being on a Board Committee

  • Attending classroom set-up and clean-up days before and after school begins

  • Participating in fundraising activities for the school including providing 2 items for the yearly auction

  • Work days as needed to maintain the school and materials (usually 1-2 times a year)

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