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2024 Auction Sponsors!

The 2024 Cooperative Preschool Auction is brought to you by:

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The following people and businesses were absolutely essential in helping The Cooperative Preschool get into their new home. The school would not be able to move forward without this kind of generous community help - and we can't thank them enough.

Thanks to CABI - for offering us a home and kindness when the school needed it most. We have experienced so much kindness from this community and feel so lucky to be able to raise children on this beautiful site. What a generous community we get to be a part of.

Congregation Ahavath Bethel Israel logo
Modus Architecture Collaborative logo
Rock Solid Civil logo
Ogata Construction logo
Idaho Floor Supply logo

McConnell Financial Advisors, LLC 

Kelly Greene McConnell of Givens Pursley

Foundation and Corporate Support

  • Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation

  • Jeker Family Trust

  • Micron Foundation

  • J.K. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation

  • The Co-op Market

Individual Donations

Phil and Linda Walker - who's very large and generous matching donation helped us out when we really needed it! 


Alan Olmstead

Alex Morgan

Alyssha Swanson

Amanda Hayden

Amy Astin

Amy Byrd

Amy Nack

Andrena Mendez

Angela Pech

Anne Cirillo and Rob Freedman

Arthur and Benje Freedman

Ashley Thatcher

Barbara Gilbert

Barbara Swanson

Bart Wheelwright

Becky Morgan

Ben Hartley

Bill and Linda Pepper

Bob and Jan Gross

Bonnie Blevins

Brett Samsonite

Bruce Leisten

Bryn Hayden

Carol and Steve Raeber

Carolyn Oldham

Carrie and Mike Raeber

Cate and Bill Tschumy

Cheri Nieto

Cheryl E Zollman

Chris and Beth Ryan

Christine Simonik

Christine Terrell

Cindy Trail

Claudia Day

Connie MacMillan

Constance MacMillan

Cyndi Gudapati

Darla Cummings

Dave and Gina Hammer

David Womack

Dawn Nistal

Dean Phinney

Deb Holleran

Diane Keys

Dolly and Family Higgins

Doug Gibson

Doug Rigby

Elaine Werner

Eleadist LLC

Emma and Abigail Combs

Emmy and Coire Weathers

Erik and Debbie Oaas

Erika Bibbens

Erin and Josh Faulk

Erin and JR Norvell

Eva Rothwell

Ezekias Zink

Felicia Menjivar

Frances Reedy

Gail Heylmun

Gayle and Frank Wright

Greg MacMillan

Greg and Melody Woods

Gretchen Huettig

Hayden Freedman

Heather and Mike Black

Heidi Holland

Hilary and Rich Rayhill

Jai and Bridger Ickes

Jan and Ed Tubbs

Janet Parsons

Janet Wiehe

Jean Kampmeyer

Jean and Tom Plendl

Jeannine and Lionel Ickes

Jeff Sartz

Jeff and Cindy Harmon

Jeffrey and Laura Grenzebach

Jennifer Russell

Jenny Bush

Jerry and Magdelene Thomas

Jessica Cammann

Jill and Mike Reardon

Jim Kurczewski

John and Suzanne Kindree

Joshua and Bethany Tuggle

Joyce Harvey-Morgan

Judy Belson

Judy Owens

Julie Waters

Karen Kelley

Karen McAdams

Liam Nistal

Margaret and Keith Elkins

The Canning Family

The Hartley Family

The Adams Family

The Greenlee Family

Karmeron Walters

The Reedy Family

Stephen Giegerich




Karin, Eric and Carl Fair

Kate Harding-Swartley

Kathleen Brown

Kathleen and Terry Gilton

Katy Young

Kelli Kurczewski

Kendall Nagy

Kevin Wallace

Kimberly Hampton

Kris Samer

Kristin Stranzl

Lauer Family

Laura Sammut

Laura Wolstenholme

Leah Reagan

Leslie Gunnerson

Lily Morgan

Linda Shirley

Linda and Phil Walker

Lisa Pepper

Lisa Whitaker

Liz King

Janet Moses

Lois Keller

Lynne Weathers

Margaret Satterlee

Margie Baehr

Marianne Bergmann

Marilyn Terry

Martha McFarland

Mary Eberle

Mary and Steve Disch

Mary Beth Butler

Mary Shannon and Dwight Scott

Matt and Camille Marinelli

Matt and Dana Ryden

Matt and Kelley Wolff

Maxwell Wallace

Melissa Goff

Molly Harder

Molly Ward

Myra Clampet

Nancy Raeber

Nick and Chelsea Hough

Norma Kindree

Paige Gustavsen

Pat and Allison Cammann

Paul and Suzanne Phinney

Paul and Cydney Shubin

Pebbles and Steve Opp

Peggy Keough

Peggy Wilhelm

Peter and Lisa Kierland

Rebecca Faulkner

Rebekah Hochhauser

Rich and Heather Phillips

Richard Skinner

Riley Freedman

Rob Ruebel

Robyn Andrews

Robyn Barber

Rodger and Marcia Green

Rory and LeAna Earley

Roy and Joanie Bibbens

Ruth Cook

Sage Kendall

Sally Sale

Sam Angus

Sara Smith

Sarah Plendl-Gardner

Scott and Susan Chikar

Shirley Geagan

Patrick Bibbens

Sue Treinen

Susan Abdo

Suzanne and Michael Bergmann Family

Tannan Koehl

Tara Golder

Ted Morgan

The Fuxans

The Weyands

The Casper Family

The Fuxans (Boise edition)

Tina Maxwell

Tom Cantrell and Collette Jackson

Tony and Amanda Wheelwright

Trisha Barnes

Uncle John Kurczewski

Vicki Meadows

William and Susan Myers

Mary Clagett Smith

Ilana Rubel

The Darmody Family

Pamela O'Boyle

Cameron, Ellen and Lucy Morfit

Paige Shafer

Jenn and Tom Barber

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