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Benefits of a Cooperative School Experience

A Cooperative School means that parents get to be an active part of their children's first educational experience. Parents are their children's first and most important teachers. Our school was founded on the idea that parents should be a critical part of their child's first educational experience. Parents are welcome in the classroom any time and actively work with teachers by sharing their perspectives on their children. Looking at the school as a collaborative effort means that we have a myriad of gifts, interests and talents to draw from in creating a rich environment for the children.

THE TRANSITION FROM HOME TO SCHOOL: The Cooperative Preschool provides children and parents the opportunity gently ease into a new and exciting community learning. Children  participate in school with their parents. They interact as a family community and learn that school is a loving, fun and safe place to try new things and learn.

CREATING NEW FRIENDSHIPS: When you talk to alumni of the school (and there are many here in town of all ages) many will tell you that they have stayed connected to family and friends they met when they were at The Cooperative Preschool. Parents and children have the opportunity to meet new people and make connections that last a lifetime.

PARENTS, TEACHERS AND CHILDREN PLAYING, WORKING AND LEARNING TOGETHER: Our school runs with 2 qualified teachers to no more than 16 children. During class time teachers have responsibility for the care, education and supervision of the class. But, because cooperation is so completely imbedded in the founding philosophy of the school, learning from each other is expected and embraced. Teachers learn about children from their parents - their first and most important teachers. They learn about the children by observing, talking to and being with them at school. Parents have the opportunity to talk to and observe teachers and other adults interacting with their children regularly. It is a chance to see their children in a new setting - with new people. Parents also have an opportunity to interact with other parents going through early childhood parenting right along with them. There are regular opportunities for parent education at the school set up by our Parent Education Chair as well.


TEACHING CHILDREN THE IMPORTANCE, JOY AND RESPONSIBILITY OF COMMUNITY: Our community of families and teachers share a dedication to the rights of young children. We believe that these years are profoundly important and precious in the lives of our children. Children learn that when a community of people come together with a common goal they can create something special. Children hear that their parents are coming to school to help in the classroom, to set up school, to prepare parties and to go to meetings. They learn that school is important - important enough for lots of grown-ups to get together to make sure it runs well, is safe and is an exciting and fun place to learn for all the children. These are important values that are conveyed through the everyday life of our little school.


MEETING EVERYONES NEEDS: Both parents and children have important emotional needs. A preschool becomes an extended family, a place to turn in a fast paced, rapidly changing world. That is what a cooperative means. A community of people coming to gether to share ideas, to share the joys and struggles of raising and educating children.

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